In collaboration with brandbuch

Design ················ Josh Nathanson
Paper Artist ·········· Emi Hazlett
Photography & Video ··· Kadlec Studio
Website ··············· Kate Farrell
Client ················ Amplify
Location ·············· London, UK

Amplify are a mental health organisation started by three psychologists who help businesses to “navigate through the complicated world of mental health”.  This was the brand purpose that we defined together with brandbuch.

The visual identity utilises imagery of origami boats, a literal metaphor for the services they offer. Origami is both simple and complex. It takes time, patience and a human touch to create, but ultimately is beautiful. 

Bringing in paper artist Emi Hazlett to craft the perfect pieces, we created a number of different designs. Just like the people Amplify set out to help, each boat is unique, crafted and built in its own way.

A bespoke set of origami boats were created by Emi Hazlett.

Video produced by Kadlec Studio

© Josh Nathanson 2021