In collaboration with brandbuch

Design ········· Josh Nathanson
Photography ···· Joan Diví
Client ········· BdeGust

Location ······· Catalunya, ES

This project was born from a dream to create a business that not only makes delicious beers, but also helps make the world & the environment a better place. 

The result is BdeGust (deriving from ‘ve de gust’, which means “I feel like it” in Catalan), a socially responsible company. They are Committed to Kindness, a promise that is put front & center of everything. They grow their own hops locally, hire people who are at risk of social exclusion & a percentage of their profits go to charity. So this required an equally caring design to match...

Each bottle is illustrated with a hug, to represent the kindness that this brand expresses. The hands come together to hold a heart, the purest symbol of love & joy that BdeGust wants to give back to the world.

The packaging is designed to give a 360° hug.

This roughly translates as: “We are convinced that generating a positive impact on our environment and in our society is possible. With each bottle of BdeGust we help make the world a little bit better. Enjoy it and... cheers!”

BdeGust was the first in the family. It was followed up with a wheat beer called BdeBeeR. For this they collaborated with Asociación de Abejas Silvestres (Wild Bee Association) to create a habitat for wild bees right next to their own field of hops.

For Christmas 2020 they created an XL version of BdeGust. For each bottle sold they gave 1kg of rice to a local foundation that feeds people in need.

© Josh Nathanson 2021