Designed by GBH

The following projects were completed while I worked as a Senior Design at GBH.London from 2011–2016.

Starck Eyes

Design ········· GBH.London
Client ········· Luxxotica / Starck
Photographer ··· Timur Celikdag
Location ······· Worldwide

20 years ago Starck Eyes revolutionised eyewear design with Biolink®, a patented micro-articulation that allows 360 degree, multi-directional arm movement; a story that brings together humanity and technology for comfort and durability.

With the 2015 collection extending to an ever-more style oriented market, a campaign was required to showcase it’s capabilities, its new audience and its unique take on eyewear.

PUMA Retail

Design ········· GBH.London
Client ········· PUMA
Location ······· Worldwide

There's a special feeling that comes with discovering something for yourself. Using digital in the retail environment in the most analogue way possible masks the technology but intensifies the thrill of discovery.

We allowed random access to video and sound around the store in a way that feels like a bespoke dose of PUMA personality served up for an audience of one. No corporate messages or sales messages here. Say Hello to Joy.

Virgin MAMA Olive Oil

Design ········· GBH.London
Client ········· Mama Shelter
Location ······· Worldwide

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MAMA Shelter is an international hotel brand offering a curious mix of the homely charm of your grandma’s house and a sexy nightclub. It’s a unique experience that serves up elegant style with a big heart alongside a warm sense of humour.

MAMA has a growing collection of bespoke products which allows guests to take home a little Mama subversive wit and personality. For Mama’s very own Virgin Olive Oil, there was a perfect opportunity to have fun with the name and offer up a chic and - shall we say - cheeky surprise.

Design ········· GBH.London
Client ········· Phillipe Starck
Location ······· The Internet
How do you create a website for a man who describes himself as a visionary, a poet and a philosopher? A man who rejects the very idea of ‘design’? Then take into account how to display over 2000 projects from 40 years of work, and make it easy for users to discover.

We disposed of normal website conventions and instead played up to the grand philosophies that Starck lives and works by.

To begin with, it was just a question of ‘Less’ or ‘More’...

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