Les Filles Cafè

Design ········· Josh Nathanson
Client ········· Les Filles
Illustration ··· Kelly Knaga
Photography ···· Emma Donnelly
Location ······· Barcelona, ES

Les Filles is a café & restaurant offering a healthy menu made from locally sourced ingredients, served up in a beautiful oasis in the heart of Barcelona.

The identity is all about simplicity, restraint and setting a tone that embodies well-being and reflects the calmness of the space. Kelly Knaga was commissioned to illustrate the menus, conveying an abstract representation of nature.

Menus illustrated by Kelly Knaga, who created abstract representations of nature & well-being.

Les Filles is located on Carrer de Minerva in Barcelona, so naturally it was oppropriate to place the owl of Minerva in the space to watch over and take care of the guests. (Photo by Marta Guillén, courtesy of Fantastic Mr Nilsson)

© Josh Nathanson 2021