ROJO Restaurant

Design ········· Josh Nathanson
Translations ··· Kei Akita 
Photography ···· Enric Badrinas
Client ········· Grupo Tragaluz
Location ······· Barcelona, ES

ROJO brings the Japanese concept of the Izakaya pub, a staple at the heart of Japanese city culture, to Barcelona. Izakaya’s traditionally serve tapas-style food and are lively & informal. This was the basis for a refreshed identity and new printed materials for the restaurant.

The Japanese kikyō & Barcelona flor symbols are combined to represent the marriage of the two culinary cultures.

The placemats are a modern take on traditional Japanese mokuhanga woodblock printing.

Guests are required to use an order form. The  pencils provide some fun (and rather abstract) Japanese proverbs.

© Josh Nathanson 2021